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How did it all begin?

It started spontaneously as a (late) birthday gift for my dear mother but turned into much more than that.

For the past couple of months I have been visiting the Park and have met many incredible people who had never heard Bach before. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to introduce them to one another.

Every person I met during this project has told me how meaningful this experience was for them and what I think is so beautiful about this music is that it tells a story that each of us can find himself in.

I come from a small village in northern Israel, where classical music is practically nonexistent. Growing up, live concerts, and especially classical music concerts, were a rare occasion, so until I moved to Jerusalem at a later age I didn't get the opportunity to listen to many.

If it weren't for my mother I would never have been exposed to this music. Today, I cannot imagine my life without it.

I don't think classical music needs big concert halls in order for people to enjoy it.

NYC and the Pandemic

NYC has suffered a lot during the Covid 19 crisis and I think that music and the arts have an important role in its process to heal.

I hear many people say that NYC is dead, but NYC will never die, because of the incredible, beautiful, and talented people who live here and make this city what it is.

I have many non-musician friends who never really understood what it is that I do, and so this project is also a gift from me to you.

If you ever wondered about classical music but didn't know where to start - I think this is the place for you!

So, welcome to #BachinthePark - my new project, where you can find shelter from this crazy world in Bach's beautiful music.

Welcome to my new project 


Where you can find shelter from this crazy world

in Bach's beautiful music.


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